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Category: Qur'an Recitation
Number of Subcategories: 55
- Children Subcategories: 11 Files: 149
Qur'an Recitations for and by children.
- Qur'an Recitation with English Translation Subcategories: 6 Files: 137
Recitaiton of the Glorious Qur'an accompanied by english translation.
- Qur'an Recitation with Urdu Translation Subcategories: 4 Files: 19
Recitation of the Glorious Qur'an with Urdu Translation.
- Your Recitations Subcategories: 2 Files: 7
Listen to recitations submitted by site visitors. You can add your recitations by getting in touch via the Contact page
Abdul Basit Abu Samad Files: 18
Brilliant recitations by perhaps the greatest reciter in the recent history of Islam.
Abdul Mohsin Al-Qasim Files: 8
Beautiful recitations. He is an Imaam at Masjid Nabwi (Prophet (pbuh)'s Masjid) in Madina
Abdul Wali Al-Arkani Files: 1
Beautiful Recitations
Abdullah Awwad Al-Juhany Files: 16
Beautiful recitations by this famous Qari.
Abu Bakr Shatry Files: 13
Beautiful recitations
Abu Jundul Files: 12
Beautiful and rare recitations by this pakistani qari
Abu Shady Files: 9
Beautiful Recitations
Adil Rehan Files: 8
Beautiful Recitations
Ahmad Al-Mohalhal Files: 2
Beautiful Recitations
Ahmed Al-Ajmy Files: 24
beautiful recitations
Ahmed Faheem Files: 3
AhmedAl-Masri Files: 2
Asam Al-Shaoby Files: 3
Beautiful Recitations
Bilal Assad Files: 6
Brilliant recitations by Bilal Assad
Eesa AlAnzi Files: 3
Fahd Al-Kanderi Files: 17
Beautiful recitations by this kuwaiti Qari
Hani Ar-Refai Files: 17
beautiful recitations
Haroon Baqai Files: 20
Beautiful Recitation
Hashem Abdul-Bari Files: 8
Beautiful Recitations
Hatem Farid Files: 8
Beautiful Recitations
Ibraheem Jibreen Files: 25
Beautiful recitations
Imran Hussain Files: 15
Beautiful recitations by this south african Qari.
Ismail Cosar Files: 21
Unique voice beautiful recitations
Jubail Mubarak Bin Turki Files: 10
Beautiful recitations by Jubail Mubarak Bin Turki
Khalid Al-Ghamdi Files: 8
Beautiful recitations by Sheikh Khalid Ghamdi, an Imaam at Masjid Al-Haram in Makkah
Khalid Al-Qahtani Files: 15
Beautiful recitations by Khalid Al-Qahtani
Maher Al-Mueaqly Files: 17
Imaam at Masjid Al-Haram, Makkah
Mahmood Khaleel Husary Files: 19
Recitations from another famous Qari.
Mishary rashid El-Efasi Files: 24
beautiful recitations
Mohammad Al-Mohaisny Files: 7
Beautiful voice
Mubarak Bin Hamd Al-Muri Files: 4
Muhammad Al-Barrak Files: 13
Beautiful recitations by this talented qari
Muhammad Al-Haidan Files: 12
Beautiful Recitations
Muhammad Jibreel Files: 6
Beautiful Recitations
Muhammad Siddique Al-Minshawi Files: 11
Beautiful recitations by one of the most famous Qaris.
Nasser Al-Qatami Files: 17
Beautiful Recitations
Other Files: 22
All other recitations can be found in here
Saad Al-Ghamdi Files: 15
Beautiful recitations
Sahl Yaseen Files: 8
Beautiful Recitations
Said Saeed Files: 9
Beautiful Recitations
Salah Al-Hashem Files: 24
Beautiful recitations
Saleh At-Talib Files: 3
Beautiful Recitations
Salman al-Utaybee Files: 8
Beautiful recitations
Samer al-Omran / Sameer Al-Imraan Files: 3
Beautiful recitations. We've finally managed to track down a few more Alhamdulilah. Please find his other recitations in Specials folder
Sheikh Hussein Ale Sheikh Files: 1
Beautiful Recitations
Specials Files: 11
This is where outstanding and rare Qur'an Recitations can be found.
Tawfeeq As-Sayegh Subcategories: 1 Files: 46
Qur'an recitations by Tawfeeq As-Sayegh
Usama As-Safi Files: 9
Beautiful and calming voice
Yahya Hawwa Files: 22
Beautiful Recitations
Yasser Al-Failakawi Files: 5
Beautiful recitations
Yasser Al-Quraishi Files: 2

No files available yet for this category!

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“Convey from me, even if it is one verse.” - Saheeh al-Bukhaari (3461)